Term Deposit
Term Deposit

Term Deposit

Bemisal Term Deposit

Individuals, Business People, Business Entities (Sole Proprietors, Companies (Public, Private, Listed, Non-listed), Partnership Firms (Registered/ Un-Registered), Govt. Departments, Local Bodies and Corporations, Trusts, Clubs, Associations, Societies, NGOs, Public Sector Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies
  • Customer has to open linked account (Current/ PLS/ BMBA/ SDA) for payment of profit.
  • Minimum deposit requirement Rs. 100,000/- for Individuals & Rs.1,000,000/- for Corporate Customers
  • Profit payment on quarterly basis.
  • Short term financing facility available on nominal rate of markup.
  • Deduction of Zakat and Withholding tax applicable as per law.