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Car Finance

Purpose Enjoy a comfortable traveling with your family. Facilitate pick and drop of your kids. BAJK offers purchase of brand new cars for domestic and personal use.
Eligibility • Must be AJK/Pakistani National.
• Permanent Employee of Government/Semi Government Departments and Autonomous Corporations with at least 03 years of service.
• Professional/Self Employed/Businessmen having established business for last three years.
Age limit 18-60 years
Loan Limit Maximum up Rs 3.0 million
Tenure Up to 60 months.
Repayment Monthly Installments
DSR 40% (including insurance premium)
Down Payment/Equity Minimum 30%
Primary Security Joint Registration of the vehicle in the name of BAJK & borrower under HPA.
Secondary Security • • 01 Personal Guarantee of Government Officer Grade-17 and above
• Postdated Cheques equivalent to the number of Installments.
Insurance Comprehensive Insurance of the vehicle.